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We carry out marketing and development projects and services providing tangible deliverables.

About Company

Baltic Trend is a marketing agency whose aim is to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in development initiatives by providing professional marketing services.

Our company specializes in development and execution of marketing projects for companies that are in line with our strategy and offer. We perform professional marketing audits and help to learn cost effective promotion and advertising.

We provide consulting [marketing consulting, interpersonal communication, motivation] and training services, related to the effective use of marketing, sales and competence tools of the organization’s members.

The Agency also creates professional websites tailored to mobile devices. The offer is complemented by the search engine optimization of Google search results pages, whose effectiveness is confirmed by numerous clients and the effects may be seen by anyone in the search engine.

The portfolio includes graphic designs such as folders and company catalogs, presentations, flayers, calendars and new logotypes.


Marketing audit, strategy
Website design and SEO
Graphic design
Business coaching


How can we help you ?

Write us what you are currently working on and what you need, what you would like to know or what effect you want to get,
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Our policy

1. We don’t swing at every pitch. We must believe in its value and effectiveness for your business.

2. We do not offer ready marketing solutions without marketing analysis of your company.

3. Each of our Clients acquires knowledge and understanding of undertaken marketing activities.

4. We work solely with reliable business partners.

5. Every marketing project must be an inspirational challenge for us, only then will it bring us satisfaction and expected deliverables for you.

CEO / Creative director:

Tomasz Gawrylczyk Seasoned Marketer – Coach – Owner

Hands-on expert with years of experience, enthusiastic marketing consultant. Graduated from University of Gdańsk with Master’s in Management (major in Marketing), earned postgraduate degree in Social Sciences (major in Psychology of Business Coaching).

An active member of the Academy of Business Coaching Association conducting workshops and training sessions in soft skills, communication and motivation.
Supports the development of entrepreneurs and managers through activities of marketing agency and works on one-on-one basis as a business coach.

BalticTrend - Projekty Marketingowe, Doradztwo marketingowe

Discover with Us New Opportunities

Make most of our experience and our services; develop your business and career even faster.

Marketing Audit
and Consulting

„Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker – American marketing pioneer.

Do you want to increase efficiency and save money at the same time?
Order marketing audit.

Do you need advice or are you looking for inspiration?
Let’s talk about marketing strategy.

Marketing and Sales

Planning and implementing single and seasonal marketing and sales campaigns.

Special promotional campaigns * – conception and comprehensive realization..

* trade fairs, conferences, events and various promotional and sales campaigns both real life and on-line.

Designing and Creating

Customers will fall in love with your new website – fast and fun to watch on any device, including your mobile.

We create professional, friendly and, responsive websites, powered by Word Press.

Our company provides technical support and after sales assistance.

Graphic Design
and Copywriting

Do you need a catalog of your products or services? Perhaps you just need a flayer?

If it is a big format than a banner, a light sign or a big billboard are the way to go… Maybe you are more enterprising and looking for something special.

We will enhance your brand image with creative projects, great PR and marketing texts for the press, blogs and portals.

Search Engine Optimization

Even the best website will not boost your potential customer numbers unless it can be found on the first page of Google results for relevant keywords.

We know how to position your website. (even if we did not create it). Your potential customers will know about you and your offer, and we will encourage them to take action.

Interactive Campaigns
and Google AdWords

We will develop your mail and banner campaigns as well as internet surveys or contests.

Do you want to be on the first page of Google immediately?

Without waiting for your page to position properly, we will provide you with the place on the first results page on Google thanks to AdWords campaigns.

We Work for Large and Small...

We have carried through dozens of marketing projects, numerous graphic designs, effective website implementations and along the way inspired a lot of customers...

Our clients over the years were mainly private enterprises from the SME sector,
but also schools, large trading companies and also corporations have trusted us:




Opracowanie strony, konsultacje marketingowe, opracowanie planu marketingowego dla placówki ECF, opracowanie kampanii Google AdWords
Opracowanie strony internetowej; projekt logotypu; konsultacje i usługi marketingowe – projekty graficzne: menu, ulotka, baner reklamowy
Opracowanie strony + skuteczne pozycjonowanie, opracowanie kampanii Google AdWords
Projekt logotypu, projekt strony + skuteczne pozycjonowanie, doradztwo marketingowe i konsulting
Audyt marketingowy, konsultacje związane z opracowaniem planu marketingowego
Kompleksowe usługi marketingowe: projekt i realizacja strony + skuteczne pozycjonowanie, liczne projekty graficzne ( outdoor, ulotki, banery, roll-up), opracowanie strategii marketingowej i konsulting
Opracowanie strony internetowej, pozycjonowanie strony w wyszukiwarce, opracowanie kampanii Google AdWords, projekt graficzny banera reklamowego
Konsultacje i usługi marketingowe – projekty graficzne: Menu, ulotka, baner reklamowy
Kompleksowa obsługa marketingowa: opracowanie planu marketingowego i jego realizacja, projektowanie graficzne folderów, katalogów, organizacja eventów, targów, itp
Opracowanie promocyjnej kampanii lojalnościowej dla klientów sklepu, projekt plakatu oraz ulotki reklamowej z kuponem lojalnościowym

Doradztwo marketingowe, opracowanie kampanii Google AdWords i pozycjonowanie strony www
Opracowanie i pozycjonowanie strony
Konsultacje i doradztwo marketingowe, audyt marketingowy
Organizacja wyjazdu szkoleniowego dla klientów firmy z atrakcjami towarzyszącymi
Opracowanie strony internetowej, pozycjonowanie strony, opracowanie kampanii Google AdWords
Doradztwo i usługi marketingowe, projekt i wdrożenie strony, projekt identyfikacji wizualnej (logo, wizytówka, papier firmowy, ulotka)
Projekt prezentacji multimedialnej oraz folderu
Konsultacje marketingowe, projekt nowego menu oraz billboardu
Szkolenia produktowe i z kompetencji miękkich, Doradztwo indywidualne – klienci AXA
Projekt billboardu, zarządzanie projektem sprzedażowym, szkolenia
Projekt super-fiszki reklamowej

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